A year in the books: Daddio’s 2012 reviewed

Being the middle of January 2013 I think it is about time we got to that 2012 year in review that we’ve been promising for near a month now. Maybe struggling to get this written is a great metaphor for what appears to be the pace of our lives right now; over busy. Maybe we could use a little Einstein waiting at the bus stop for a pretty girl like relativity to slow things down for us right now. Since that is not going to happen we might as well enjoy things as they come to us. With a beautiful bride in my life and a handsome and perfect three year old son to make our family complete we have much joy to appreciate. We are a lucky family indeed.

Here are some of the joys, tears, adventures and observations from the year just past.

2013 was filled with many random and planned events including almost nightly summer bicycle rides with Jr often to the park, ice cream and hot dog dates, Jr learning to enunciate AND go to the potty!!!!!, painting pictures with Jr, hanging pictures created by Jr and turning our kitchen fridge into a giant painted chalkboard with Jr. He and I also survived many weeks on our own while Mrs. Daddio travelled for work. I became a National Academy of Sports Medicine Fitness Nutrition Specialist, ran 1780 miles, edited a newsletter served on the Michigan chapter of Team in Training’s Alumni Council, planned a golf tournament, cancelled a golf tournament, survived the end of Jr’s first and the start of his second school years, learned about 10 new words in Espanola, enjoyed an overnight indoor water park experience with Mrs. Daddio and Jr that included a short stay in the tornado shelter and a night time fire alarm that forced evacuation of the facilities and many other accomplishments and escapades.

The highlights of which by month;

  •          January; The first highlight of the year for me was escorting the Michigan Team in Training team to Walt Disney World in Florida to coach at the marathon and half marathon weekend. Along with witnessing the many accomplishments of wonderful people from around the country while putting in 46 miles for the weekend on my own I crossed the finish line with 75 year old Lois from Miami who was celebrating the 10 year anniversary of her first marathon by doing a 2nd. I was finishing up the race with another couple of ladies when we came upon Lois struggling. This was still a number of miles from the finish and she begged and made me promise not to leave her. I didn’t and she finished in a pretty inspiring moment all around. Later in January my bride and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. Our tradition is to give each other a gift corresponding to the number of each year’s anniversary. My gift to her was 4 dates. More on her gift to me later.
  •          February; 2012 represented a leap year for February. In it I celebrated my 39th birthday and survived 24 hours of travel adventure with then two year old Jr as we travelled to Melbourne, Australia to meet up with Mrs. Daddio who was there working. How can we top a trip down under?
  •          March; Calgary is this mystical Stephen King like city that you come to at the edge of the great plains and after which stand the jagged mountains that take you to the sea. In March we visited Calgary to surprise my sister in law for her 40th birthday. I also went downhill skiing for the first time there at age 39! in those very mystical Canadian Rocky Mountains.
  •          April; Since my head is often in the clouds I figured it wouldn’t be too far a stretch to compete in the Martian 10 km road race in Dearborn, Michigan…so I did. I also participated in a friend’s run/walk for charity with Jr. Jr was great for about half of it riding his tricycle as I tagged along. After that it became a run, walk and hold (Jr and the tricycle) for charity!!
  •          May; Michigan Mays are still supposed to be relatively cool. My spring marathon this year was in Midland, Michigan. I handpicked this race for its promised flat fast course and favorable weather possibilities as an attempt to qualify for the Boston marathon. Instead I received a war of attrition and 90*F plus temperatures but still finished in if not great than decent time. Also under the category of great May accomplishments I survived my first solo parent teacher interview!
  •          June; Besides running 200 miles for the month in June I became a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, cooked Jell-O salads for Mrs. Daddio’s “Saskatchewan” party and sold our old belongings at our yard sale the highlight of which was the 25 cents I received in exchange for a dirty toaster! Mrs. Daddio and I also enjoyed a rare weekend away in June. Our date included an overnight resort stay and a next morning golf date. This was all a gift for me, only I couldn’t remember what it was for, fore, fore… get it? This was my four year wedding anniversary present from my bride. We laughed about my ignorance later. Hopefully I made up for it with my shame!!!
  •          July; In July my wife and I enjoyed my Christmas present of seats to a Neil Diamond concert and friends company at their wedding celebration.
  •          August; August is birthday month at our house. We celebrated Junior’s 3rd at the Zoo. Mrs. Daddio joined the festivities too by celebrating her 29th again before leaving to visit her familial home amongst the wheat fields of the prairies. We also made a family pilgrimage to visit friends of my mother’s from my maternal homeland of Slovakia. I also ran my 3rd CRIM 10 miler and took a trip down memory lane playing pickup hoops with the neighbors.
  •          September; The ninth month was milestone month for the Dad’s Point of View family. I ran 100 km (62 miles) in just over 19 and ½ hours at Run Woodstock in Pinckney, Michigan. Jr continued milestone month by starting his 2nd year of school and in what is turning out to be the greatest test of endurance of them all he started taking violin lessons!!
  •          October; More milestones rumbled into our lives in October. My dad turned 75 and we celebrated with a party in the house of my youth. I was honored and privileged to help coach athletes at both the Chicago and Detroit marathons (putting in 34 and 32 miles myself on those days) but the best of the month was saved for Halloween week.  Jr, Mrs. Daddio and I went to the local Halloween celebration at the zoo. I went dressed as a Giant green Gumby and might have been the character of choice for many party goers. Of course the real character of choice is always Jr especially on days like Halloween that are made just for him.
  •          November; Thanksgiving month here in the U.S.A. may just be the busiest month of them all. Aside from Thanksgiving and my Black Friday shopping adventures Mrs. Daddio and I ventured to New York for what amounted to a kind of second honeymoon. I was registered for the uber difficult to get into New York City Marathon which I had gotten into via lottery. That week hurricane Sandy had rolled through New York but both the mayor and the race director guaranteed that the race would go on and urged everyone that was coming from out of town to still come help out the city by helping to reestablish normal business. Most of the estimated out of towners came and at the last minute the race was cancelled. Serves me right to trust a politician. We made the most of our vacation regardless taking in Times Square, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the show The Book of Mormon on Broadway, Midtown Comics, 5th Avenue, opening night for the New York Knickerbockers at Madison Square Garden and much more. I ran my marathon anyway in Central Park just because. Thousands joined me there and it was a spectacular and special experience.
  •          December; For a three year old December means…Santa Claus.  For Mr. and Mrs. Daddio it also meant getting new countertop installed in our kitchen and getting our year long kitchen renovation project that much closer to completion. Of course Santa visited just before Christmas. He stopped long enough to drink his milk and eat his cookies although he did leave some crumbs as noticed by Jr. Jr will also tell you that he went up and down and up and down the chimney. Before leaving he left a fresh new stuffed Humphrey the Camel for his favorite (and ours too) little boy. My Christmas present was a break from violin lessons. Instead we took in the National Ballet of Canada’s presentation of the Nutcracker in Toronto. Christmas number two for the year was spent at Daddio’s parents and when we returned home I enjoyed my third annual coffee run with a group of running mates.

Wouldn’t you know it a year fills up pretty fast. Here are some random tidbits from my year that was 2012.

  •          Best Deal in Michigan #1 is hands down one cent horsy rides at Meijer
  •          Best deal in Michigan #2 the price of coffee at Holden’s Deli in Milford Michigan
  •          Best deal in Michigan #3 Hotdog and a soda for $1.50 at Costco the sight of many father and son dates
  •          Best new tool to me in 2012; silicone edging knife/scraper for perfect edges every time
  •          Best feat by a human being in 2012 Part one Oscar Pistorius redefining limitations by running in the Olympics
  •          Best feat  by a human being in 2012 Part two Felix Baumgartner skydiving from outer space, breaking the sound barrier and hopefully reinvigorating human kind’s  quest to seek out more than just life on Earth
  •          Strange questions of 2012 I keep asking myself; if a human is jumping from space to Earth why are we still not exploring the moon or sending someone to Mars? Shouldn’t we have done that yet? Funny the further we get from the lunar landings the less people there are around that were actually alive to witness it. Is that right?
  •          Moments #1 of 2012 Neil Armstrong the first man to walk on the moon passed, further proof to me that we seem to be losing our wonder
  •          Moments #2 of 2012 Ray Bradbury one of the most influential writers of the 20th century and also of my life passed on.  Oddly enough the night he passed Venus had a rare transit of the sun and my copy of Martian Chronicles disappeared. I believe in Ray Bradbury, do you?
  •          One last feat of awesome proportions that occurred in 2012 is news that Voyager 1 which launched in September of 1977 is set to leave the solar system

And two more milestones for 2012, one life saved and another that moved on to join the ether of forever.

The same weekend of our yard sale our family cat was hit by a car. Luckily the neighbor saw her drag herself into a bush where we found her battered and bruised and scared. X-rays showed her to have a separated vertebrae and a broken pelvis. She couldn’t walk or go to the bathroom and she wasn’t eating or drinking. I learned to express her bladder for her and with a little bit of nursing and a lot of love she slowly came back to being her pain in the favorite sitting spot self. Half a year later almost now if you had met her for the first time today you would never guess just how close she was.

The will of life is amazing but eventually it must pass on to whatever comes next. In 2012 Mrs. Daddio and I put our dearly beloved best friend Piper to rest. It was a long struggle in the end and I believe that even Piper welcomed the closure that came but still we miss her every single day. She was a big part of my bride and mine’s coming together, was there for every single day of Junior’s life and was always a big part of our family. One day when I have the proper time and frame of mind I will give her the eulogy she deserves. For now Piper we love you and miss you. We think about you every day. 2013 is here and you are with us in our heart to enjoy every damn day of it.

Peace and love all.



Jr eating a carrot from the snowman's face

Jr eating a carrot from the snowman’s face


Ahead of reviewing 2012 later this week I feel that I first should tell a few stories to ring in the New Year.

I can think of no better way to kick off my New Year’s writing than with this little story;

Today I was in the grocery store with my little guy. As per usual he was touching everything and being a general extra little bit of work. It was a per usual dad and son activity when all of a sudden and out of the blue all at the same time he turns and says to me in his sweet little voice, “Daddy, daddy.”

I replied, “Yes son.”

He hit back with, “Daddy I love you.”

Well!!! That just made my entire life…worth while!

“I love you too buddy,” said I.

We were both happy after that.

We have had a couple of house guests under the age of 9 as well as our Jr in the house the past week. Three children bring a lot of life to the party and also a lot of extra “work”. One thing children require is a close watch. They are tricky creatures to the fact. One minute they are sitting together sweet as honey. You turn to walk away and when premonition strikes you to look back one of them is trying to smack another one over the back of the head with a giant plastic “Buzz Lightyear”. Yes good times!

One of the activities that Jr, his four year old cousin and I participated in was building a giant snowman in the backyard. We used sticks for arms and to please Jr’s urgings we made a face containing eyes, a nose and a great big happy smile from carrots.

I went inside to get my camera to get a picture of the whole scene and when I returned the kids were quite happy eating the “snowman” carrots! Yes, this is the good life!

The other day along with his artwork Jr came home from school with a flyer from the Early Childhood-Head Start Task Force U.S Department of Education and Health Services. Now that’s a mouthful. It was titled “7 Super Things Parents and Caregivers Can Do”. They are; “

  1.        Talk often with your children from the day they are born.
  2.        Hug them, hold them, and respond to their needs and interests.
  3.        Listen carefully as your children communicate with you.
  4.        Read aloud to your child every day, even when they are babies. Play and sing with them often.
  5.        Say “yes” and “I love you” as much as you say “no” and “don’t.”
  6.        Ensure a safe, orderly, and predictable environment, wherever they are.
  7.        Set limits on their behavior and discipline them calmly, not harshly.”

We’re not perfect here at Dad’s Point of View Worldwide but according to the “Now that’s a mouthful” people we do pretty darn good on all accounts!

For my money (picture two pennies being rubbed together!) the one attribute essential to parenting is compassion. Compassion is the act or maybe better put the art of feeling empathy for another individual’s situation. It requires setting aside one’s own needs to serve those of another. It requires putting aside jealousy to share, even relish in another’s joys and accomplishments. Compassion is selfless. It is also one paved brick on the road towards true bliss. True bliss is just like that moment when you first see your child out of the womb. True bliss is the gift of life to the parent and the moment of that gift is easily forgotten if you lose your compassion. Compassion is not a mystery it is a gift from the same pallet that gives us love, hope, courage, joy and confidence. It requires hard work, discipline and diligence. Like all things virtuous it leads to selfless acts that give life purpose and happiness.

Maybe in 2013 we can all relive that gift that is the birth of life. Maybe 2013 will be the year of compassion.

Help yourself by helping others. Participate in random acts of kindness and be nicest to those that mean the most to you.

Peace and love all.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone.

May all of your dreams and goals come true. May your love remain pure. May your needs be looked after and may life bring you joy.

Daddio will be off this first week in the New Year. Look for us to be back January 7th as we review 2012 preview 2013 and pay tribute to an old friend who moved on late last year.

Peace and love all.



Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas everyone.

It has been another great year at Big Picture Headquarters A.K.A Dad’s Point of View Worldwide. Really, when you have the necessities of life looked after you’re pretty lucky. I would say we’re pretty lucky. Mostly we don’t need to fret about the roof over our heads, our home has clean and potable hot and cold running water, we have a cold storage box that is readily replenished and heat providing appliances with which to serve up hot dishes. We have a home, a beautiful family, love and (touch wood as always) our health. Our house is home to warm beds, happiness and sometimes even the glow of laughter. Yes lucky are we indeed.

In 2012 I realized that I will always be playing catch up in this brave new world we call the information age.  There are just a few tricks that I always seem to be behind on and feel that I always will be behind on. I missed growing up with technology by a shyness of opportunity and a generation of age. Information technology for me is always one ubiquitous tick on the world view clock ahead of me.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m trying. I upload (even though I need help with the really technical stuff) and share on social media. I publish a weblog. I use a smart phone though maybe not to the extent that I cold. I use video calling over the internet. I stream movies and video into our home. My music collection is now almost all digital as is my collection of photographs. Still I feel that I am always one step behind of the wizards in the know.

I’ve been looking for an adult learning class to learn the last of these wizard’s tricks but alas I have yet to find one. I will keep trying and keep forging ahead and maybe one day with plenty of diligence and a little luck a sprinkling of magic dust will befall me.

In the mean time our continued education will include what Junior can teach me. Just a few minutes ago he said to me that, “he can’t listen!”

“Hmm, yes ,” it is always an adventure with him.

When someone asked me what was on our Christmas list recently I was tempted to say, “time” but instead I left the question blank. Sure we could use a little more knowledge, a tad more sleep and a few extra minutes each day but in 25 years when we’re bored and all of our little ones are off building their brave new future we’ll be hoping they come visit us during the holidays. For now we are just going to enjoy every minute that we have together.

Happy and safe holidays from the Dad’s Point of View Family to You and Yours

Please if imbibing over the holidays arrive alive and use a designated driver.

Peace and love all.


Merry Christmas from the Dad’s Point of View Family to yours

Appreciating life and fall 2012 photo essay

With the sad events this past week in Sandy Hook Village in Newtown, Connecticut still fresh in the news Christmas this year with my family is even more dear in my heart than usual. Every sad report that I hear puts tears in the corner of my eyes. A parent should never have to bury a child, especially one who has not yet had the opportunity to reach adolescence, especially at Christmas and especially after senseless evil has occurred. This should be a time of joy and peace and we should always remember that. More prosperity, wellness and progress will always be made through peace and sharing than through anything evil can ever offer.

We can also never give in to evil people, the doers of crimes against humanity. It is true that the only thing to fear is fear itself. If we are to give in to fear than we are to give away our hope. Never give up or give in. Each day do your best. Make small sacrifices. Do a good deed. Work towards self improvement. Think of others. With each small step we make the world a better place, together; for all.

Over the holidays this year let’s all endeavor to slow it down just a little bit. Be a bit more thankful, a little more gracious and a little bit more generous to those who really need it. Be more patient with your loved ones, especially the little ones. Spend a little more time at dinner. Let someone special know that you love them, every time you can. Laugh a little louder and a little bit longer and a little bit more too! Smile lots and help out often. Giving just a little bit more effort this year will go a long way to spreading the good word of joy and keeping the spirit of the season alive in a world in desperate need of a reminder of just what is important; love, life and each other.

With less than two weeks left in 2012 I feel the need to reflect. It has been another great year for us here at Dad’s Point of View Worldwide. We are truly amongst the lucky ones. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be reviewing the past year and previewing the year to come. It is so sad to see you go 2012 but for 2013 we are excited by the new possibilities you bring. Baby New Year is on his way!

A day before the winter solstice I thought we would start things off with a look inside the Dad’s Point of View Castle with a little fall review photo essay.

Peace and love all.



Daddio after completing first big fall run 100 KM (62 miles) done! with finishers medal and age group award


Smiles at the bottom of the slide


Little boy or mad can stacker?




Piper’s last days, Rest in Peace old friend, Thank you for everything and love you forever




The Roundup Gang




Halloween Merry Go Round


Sleeping with Humphry(s) 1


Sleeping with Humphry(s) 2




Impromptu Central Park Marathon 11 04 2012, Daddio was there, Daddio did this!


Daddio with real life hero and Run Anyways organizer Lance Sven NYC 11 04 2012


Opening night of New York Knicks 2012-2013 at MSG with my bride


Donut time


On Dad’s Shoulders



Christmas lights


Reading with Uncle Marty


Reflections with Buzz


Painting the fridge


Painted fridge


The house that Junior built


Junior the builder


Christmas choo choo


“Yes Santa, very good!”


Happy and safe holidays from the Dad’s Point of View Family to You and Yours

Please if imbibing over the holidays arrive alive and use a designated driver.

Peace and love all.



The Dad’s Point of View Rulebook


Jr enjoying some functional artistic time painting the kitchen fridge.


The finished product. Our kitchen now has some functional art space!

The date is 12/12/12 today. Twelve is the square root of 144 and the cubed root of 1728. All appears quiet on 12/12/12, just Jr, I, the cat the and the squirrels parading about the bay  window. We’re kind of just Watching the Wheels go by. 12/12/12 marks 32 years and four days (12/08/80) since John Lennon passed. The world needs more megalomaniac poets that can move the needle and challenge the notion of who we are, what we are, of what an idea is. We miss that in the world today. Where are the dreamers?

The cat keeps knocking the ornament of a cardinal off of our Christmas tree. I wonder…

Knock wood that today isn’t the day that we fall off the wagon, we seem to have turned the corner with the potty training. No accidents for what seems like, well it seems like we have a little boy who as Junior would put it himself, “Pee potty, no pee pants, poo potty, no poo pants, pee poo potty, no pants!”

A couple of nights ago Jr and I stayed up to paint our kitchen fridge and turn it into a functional chalkboard!  Jr helped and is proud to say, “look see, I made this, dad made this, look see “we did this”.” This had been a planned project for a little while and when Jr saw me taping the edges he asked me what I was doing. I told him that I was going to paint the fridge and immediately he asked if he could help.

 I referred to the Dad’s Point of View Rulebook (All rights Reserved Michael Wolff 2012)

Rule#22-Let them help

Rule #24-Don’t stop them from getting dirty if the only inconvenience is to you

Rule #29-Be fun, have fun.

Rule #40- If it causes no harm let them do it 

After reflecting on the rulebook I confidently told him that, “Yes’” he could help. 

Little boys have memories like elephants. Sneaking off and  painting the fridge might have been easier but it also would have broken Jr’s heart and Rule#1-Never break your son’s heart if personal safety isn’t at stake.

Learning is as much about having quality opportunities to do so as anything else. I am endeavoring to provide Jr with those opportunities in spite of my own limitations.

Rule#16-It is not spoiling your child to provide them with opportunities to succeed

Rule#18-It’s not about you.

After mixing the paint I made a little brush and paint dish combo for Zacharie and set him to work on one side of the fridge while I went to work on the other side. When I returned there was paint everywhere! I guess my instructions were not defined enough. After that we stayed closer together and shared a beautiful memory. 

Jr has taken to talking on the phone, his phone. His phone is an Aloha sign made with his right hand that he puts to his ear. He likes to call his grandparents to tell them about the excitement in his life or to complain when mom and /or dad are not doing what he tells them to! 

He is also going through a stage of favorites. It seems that whatever he wants or likes or sometimes just has in front of him is his favorite or are his favorite things. “Apple, toast, water, milk. These things are my favorites,” he’ll say.

I know what my favorites are too!

Help yourself by helping others. Participate in random acts of kindness and be nicest to those that mean the most to you.

Happy and safe holidays from the Dad’s Point of View Family to You and Yours

Please if imbibing over the holidays arrive alive and use a designated driver.

Peace and love all.



A sunny day

My son who is three keeps telling me that he has had a hard day! When I ask him what was so hard about it he goes on to reply with a litany of friends he’s played with and adventures that he has had. Hopefully those are the kind of hard days he’ll continue to experience in the near and distant futures.

His mom is travelling for business to Australia so it is just the guys at home for a couple of weeks. Of course like any little boy he misses his mom but he has his own unique way of coping. He often asks me, “Where’s mom?”

I respond with an honest, “She had to go to work in Australia buddy.”

He always answers with, “No she’s shopping.”

“Okay pal,” I say.

He also feels the need to tell me every time a plane flies over head…just in case it’s mom …who is shopping…on a plane…

I just sat down to a dinner of potato pancake leftovers smothered in sour cream and granulated sugar. He asked me if I was eating, “you eating dad?”

I replied, “Ya pal I’m eating these potato pancakes.”

He rebutted, “I don’t like this,” which is what he says when he doesn’t like something. He says it a lot.

It is virus and illness season in our neck of the woods. Last week this sure proved true in our house. First dad was hit with a double dose of Montezuma’s revenge. It was severe enough that his ribs, back and shoulders hurt for days after from the violent upper exiting action. Coupled with this sickness was what must have been in retrospect an intense fever of near delirious proportions. Then all of a sudden-just as it came- it was gone with the only real lingering side effect being a digestive tract in need of a few days heeling.

At one point dad’s only worry was only to not pass out so that he could still take care of his little boy. It’s funny how when you become a parent how your motivation changes.  All along dad was just thankful that he was well enough to look after his little boy.

 In the morning still wrought by fever after a rough night of tossing and turning with fever I wondered, “how the heck am I going to keep up with an active three year old all day?” “Helpppppppppp!”

As it turns out after telling Jr a number of times that I was sick and not feeling well he understood and was a sweetheart for me all day! He played quietly with his trucks and big Lego Duplo blocks, colored, watched movies and kept himself busy all day long. With one eye open dad was given just the environment to heal up for what would come next.

Wouldn’t you know that as soon as dad started to mend up Junior started to come down with a fever. What is worse for any parent than being in ill health themselves? That’s right your child being ill. With pops still recovering himself the next two days were spent managing Jr’s fever, keeping him hydrated and nourished and comforting an upset and sick three year old little boy. The days were spent comforting Junior watching his favorite shows, keeping him warm and easing his worries. The nights were mostly sleepless tossing and turning affairs spent trying to stay comfortable. Finally a couple of days later his fever seemed to break for good and a quiet afternoon finally led to a solid night’s sleep.

As junior often says to me, “today is a sunny day.”

Peace and love all.


Help yourself by helping others. Participate in random acts of kindness and be nicest to those that mean the most to you.

Happy and safe holidays from the Dad’s Point of View Family to You and Yours

Please if imbibing over the holidays arrive alive and use a designated driver. 


Here are some actual conversations of late between Daddio (age: approaching 40) and Junior (age: a tad past three).

Dad, “That’s good pooping son.”

Junior (while passing gas sitting on the potty, “That’s farts too!”

Dad, “Yes son those are farts.”

Jr, smiles.

Junior, “Dad”

Dad, “Yes buddy.”

Junior, “You do that way.” Meaning I go one way on the path.

Dad, “Okay pal I’ll go this way.”

Junior, “You go that way, I go this way.” Meaning Jr takes a different route.

Dad, “Okay I’ll go this way and you go that way.”

Junior, “Yap, Junior (speaking in the third person) go this way you go that way”

Jr likes to cover all the variables.

Jr pointing at dad, “You Junior”

Dad, “Okay, I’m Junior.”

Jr, “I’m Daddy.”

Dad, “Got it I’m Jr and you’re daddy.”

Junior, “Me daddy, you Jr.”

Dad, “Right, I got it.”

Junior scolding me, “Jr (meaning me being him). Listen, you’re not listening.”

Dad’s brain, “Tricked again!!”

Junior to dad, “You be mom. Me be dad!”

Dad’s brain, “Fool me once…”

Dad, “Sorry buddy. I’ll be dad”

Jr, “Ahhhh.”

Jr within a minute of getting out of bed, “Dad. I’m hungry.”

Dad still groggy, “Okay pal what do you want for breakfast?”

Jr, “Ice cream!”

Jr within a minute of getting out of bed (day two), “Dad. I’m hungry.”

Dad still groggy, “Okay pal what do you want for breakfast?”

Jr, “Ice cream!”

Dad, “Sorry ice-cream isn’t for breakfast.”

Jr, “Ahhhh.”

Jr within a minute of getting out of bed (day three), “Dad. I’m hungry.”

Dad still groggy, “Okay pal what do you want for breakfast?”

Jr, “Ice cream!”

Dad, “Sorry ice-cream isn’t for breakfast.”

Jr, “Ahhhh.”

Dad’s brain, “Déjà vu on infinitum!”

The cat, “Meow, meow, Meow!”

Dad, “Jr what are you doing?”

Jr (deadpan), “Pulling cat tail.”

Dad’s brain after a brief pause, “!!!”

Dad, “Don’t pull the cat’s tail son.”

Jr, “Sorry dad.”

Dad, “That’s okay pal just don’t do it.”

Cat, “Meow, meow, Meow!”

Dad, “Jr do you want to feed the cat?”

Junior, “Yap. Coming dad.”

Dad handing the opened cat food can and a spoon to Junior, “Okay buddy only half.”

Junior, “Yes dad.”

Dad, “How’s it going buddy?”

The room, “Silence.”

Dad, “Okay that’s lots pal.”

Dad, “Okay no more.”

Dad, “Okay that’s great pal.”

Dad, “Okay that’s lots”

Jr handing dad the empty can and smiling, “All done!”

Dad with a sigh, “Great job pal.”

Dad, “Okay buddy time to get ready for school.”

Jr, “Why?”

Dad, “Because we need to learn about the world so that we can be competitive.”

Jr, “Why?”

Dad, “Because there are a tremendous number of people and resources are scarce.”

Jr, “Why?”

Dad, “Because humanity has been unable to control its need for expansion.”

Jr, “Why?”

Dad, “Because the struggle to survive is the meaning of life.”

Jr, “Why?”

Dad, “Because that is the nature of things.”

Jr, “Why?”

Dad, “It is part of the design of the Universe.”

Jr, “Why?”

Dad, “Well son, we’ve been trying to figure that out since the dawn of time.”

Jr, “Why?”

Dad, “So that we can give our lives meaning.”

Jr, “Why?”

Dad, “Because meaning makes us feel whole.”

Jr, “Why?”

Dad, “Because without meaning we feel empty.”


Dad, “Okay buddy time to get ready for school.”

Jr, “Why?”

The air in the room, “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Jr, “Love you daddy!”

Daddy, “Love you too buddy.”

Peace and love all.


Help yourself by helping others. Participate in random acts of kindness and be nicest to those that mean the most to you.

Happy and safe holidays from the Dad’s Point of View Family to You and Yours

Please if imbibing over the holidays arrive alive and use a designated driver.



Junior’s artwork on display in our home

More of Junior’s artwork on display in our home

We here at the Dad’s Point of View household have entered a new stage in our early child rearing years. It is called the “Why stage.” It is kind of a Monkey’s Paw paradox type of situation. For you perspective parents out there or those of you who have children that are not yet talking yet I’m warning you that you had better watch out what you wish for. Junior has been a little behind some of his peers in verbalization. Of course he has been ahead in some other things and is also learning a second language (Espanola) and to play the violin. He’s three. How much can you expect from a three year old? He’s brilliant at most things physical, brushes his own teeth every night, paints, cleans the windows, helps in the yard and is an all around sweet and awesome little boy. Of course when your child is what you perceive to be as late in learning something there may be worries but at such a young age it is futile to paint every child with one broad brush. The curve is long and sometimes winding. Children will arrive at different points on the curve at different rates via different routes and when they arrive there given the opportunity they can all excel. As for things like walking, running and speaking  when the point of arrival comes, I’ll just say look out!

A month ago Jr’s enunciation was fairly simple still and often times an interpretation from dad was necessary for many people to understand him. Then all of a sudden it became clearer. Gradually it has progressed to the point where most everything he says can be understood and with that his confidence has grown and the range of words in his vocabulary has expanded. Now we have progressed to question asking, specifically “why”?





“Why?” !!!!!!!!!!!

Here is how it goes (actual conversation).

Junior pointing in the toilet after he had a #2, “Dad, What’s that?”

Dad, “Poop  son”

Junior, “Why?”

Dad, “Because when you eat your body takes nutrients from your food and rejects the rest as waste.”

Junior, Why?”

Dad, “Because your body can’t digest all of the roughage”

Junior, “Why?”

Dad, “Because that is how it is designed.”

Junior, “Poop!”

Dad, “Yes buddy, poop.”

Junior, “Why?”

Dad’s brain, “!!!!!”

Or here is another example.

Dad, “Time for bed buddy.”

Junior, “Yes dad. Why?”

Dad, “Because it is dark and late and everyone in the family is tired.”

Junior, “Why?”

Dad, “Because your body needs to rest and recover after being busy all day so that you can have another great day tomorrow.”

Junior, “Why?”

Dad, “Because we want you to be happy.”

Junior, “Why?”

Dad, “Because we love you and we want you to be happy.”

Junior, “Why?”

Dad, “Because we realize how lucky we are that we have such a special little boy.”

Junior, “Why?”

Dad’s brain, “!!!!!!!”

Here is some more advice for prospective parents or for parents that have little ones that are younger than our Junior.

  1. If you see your child grab their stool or a chair and go to another room you should follow them!
  2. Let them get dirty. Usually the only reason we don’t want our kids to get dirty is because it’s an inconvenience to us. Kids learn naturally by trial and error/cause and effect. That’s naturally as in nature.
  3. As for dirty painting and art are also learning activities. As much as anything else being good at something comes from having opportunity to do it and an opportunity to be exposed to levels of teaching. Involve your children in activities you may not be good at yourself and participate in learning with them.
  4. Play with them.
  5. Be involved in their life. Children need love and attention.  Never forget all of those promises that you made to them when they were first born.
  6. Inside is not the real world, outside is. Children need to run and play…a lot. Early childhood activity sets up the physicality of a child for the rest of their life. Kids need to run and play, a lot and outside in the natural world is the best place to do it.
  7. Toys are an opportunity to learn. Often times a child is not playing with a toy because they have learned to use it expertly or because no one has shown them how to use it. Give your child opportunities to learn from their toys.
  8. Never be jealous of your child, be happy for them.
  9. Always provide your child with the safest, kindest home possible.
  10. Hugs.

Peace and love all.


Help yourself by helping others. Participate in random acts of kindness and be nicest to those that mean the most to you.

Happy and safe holidays from the Dad’s Point of View Family to You and Yours

Please if imbibing over the holidays arrive alive and use a designated driver.

Feliz dia de accion de gracias

Daddio and Jr sharing an after class treat!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from us here at the Dad’s Point of View Family home office.

May your table be blessed with food, family and friends and may the air be full with laughter and love.

This year I am most thankful for my bride and our beautiful son Junior. We are truly amongst the luckiest people alive. Each day I am thankful for the opportunities that we have and that we are living in this great land and this wonderful time. Not everyone is so lucky.

May the holiday season bring joy to those lacking it and peace to those that have to live in fear each and every day.

Feliz dia de accion de gracias mis amigos.

Happy thanksgiving my friends.

Best and peace.