Christmas friends

No one makes friend better than little children. This year we participated in the rush to get out of town clog the airports during some of the most inconsistent weather periods of the year version of Christmas. As I perceive Jr would say if he could speak, “what a hoot.”

If you need to become reacquainted with your humanity watch a child make a friend. Jr made numerous on his way North and West of our starting point. Airport delays only made it easier. There was the two brothers in Detroit while we waited first for a crew for our delayed plane, than when the crew arrived and took off with our plane for another destination a plane and a crew. The brothers were bigger than our Little Z but sometimes that seems to make them more desirable playmates. The three boys played delivery in the plastic house that was provided for kids activities. When the other boy’s mom came over I made a point of conveying just how nice they were to our little boy and how inclusive they were in their play. Parents often think the worst and they should know the good stuff too! Mom was really relieved and I’m sure the boys got a boost of confidence to experience an adult kid conversation that didn’t start off with a negative connotation.

Afterwards dad and son played chase around the airport terminal. If you want to have a little fun you just need to let ‘er go. Jr would walk up this long ramp about halfway and give me a wry smile and I would take off after him. He’s pretty quick too. One time he had me chase him down a ramp and under a number of velvet rope barriers before I caught up with him. Hopefully we put a smile on some other people’s faces too; maybe even whoever was watching the surveillance cameras had a laugh…maybe!

In the Minneapolis airport he met a girl about 5 years his senior that he took to right away. The girls and her mother were very nice to our little guy and it couldn’t have been more appreciated. The girl showed Little Z her stuffed dog that did tricks, shared her books and did cart wheels with Jr in the walkway. She did hers on a transverse plain whereas Jr’s were more on a horizontal plain (he stood on two feet or sat on his tush and spun around). They had quite the blast and I think that playing with the little guy helped her cope with a long travel day as well. Mom seemed pretty grateful for the company too.

Being together and social networks are part of what makes us human beings. It is why we build communities, towns around those communities and why those towns grow into cities, cities into states and republics and states into nations that bond together to seek common goals. Coming together and being friends is what this season is really about, right back to its beginnings.

Merry Christmas everyone. May there be much joy and peace in your lives not just today and tomorrow but also in the lifetime ahead.

Peace and love all.



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