The Good olde Days

The other day my wife called me up to say that she wanted to talk about the size of our family! That could mean one of two things, three if you include a pink slip for dad!

This morning I was in the shower when I heard thump, thump, thump. It was Jr and he had locked himself in his bedroom. I had just lathered up the shampoo in my hair. By the time I got there he was sitting on his rocking horse having a jolly olde time. Yes, kids still have rocking horses.

Yes a bigger family that gets one to thinking. Of course I always jump before I think and would do whatever Mrs. Daddio asks no matter how deep the water I’m already swimming in.

I remember how when it was just Jr and I at home before he became a cognitively aware wonder that getting some shower time in was a real treat. In some ways we had less time but in others we had more; like I had time to write or at least the time to do so without someone crawling on me.

Of course I don’t have to carry the baby for 9 months and my body won’t be treated by Mother Nature as a yo-yo. That makes my part of the decision easier.

Jr is watching a movie right now. He is being very sweet and innocent. Which is different than when he is mischievous and fun; like when he flushed all that stuff down the toilet or drew all over the fridge. Maybe mischievous isn’t quite the word. Maybe there is a word that is a cross between mischievous and curious. We’ll call it mischurious!

Jr is interested in what goes on in the bathroom at potty time. He keeps following me in. This past week he had started helping me feed the pet cat and dog. In the New Year he will be switching from two days per week at preschool to three. It seems as though we never have time for anything these days but I can honestly say I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Expanding our family would mean the next 20 years of our life will be occupied by being parents. At least the way we live it will be. I don’t think there is any absentee parenting going on in our house. Our priorities are family, family and family. We do try our best. I think with one child there is substantially less work than with two or more and the future calendar is certainly potentially less full.

Jr has learned to open the front door and is confidant in his abilities to do most anything. He has also learned to push a chair or box and use it as a ladder to reach the high spots where things are stored.

We are well into our second major home renovation project in the past two years. First it was the main floor bathroom and recently the last six weeks of my life have been sucked up redoing our kitchen. We are running out of space and every little bit helps and keeping up always seems to be a struggle. I’m not complaining just presenting the facts. Mrs. Daddio seems to be but I’m not getting any younger.

Jr just ran by throwing a ball and smiling! It sure would be nice when he is my age if he had a brother or sister that shared the same life experiences to be there for him. They could chat about sports or art or politics. It would also be comforting to know that when we’re gone he would have someone else around for him.

The hardest part for dad is to navigate the hormone mine field. That can’t be so bad. Can it?

For now at least the world coffee supply seems solid. That will help…most everything.

I just fed Jr a rolled cream cheese wrap. He said it was good. These are the good olde days, right now aren’t they?

Some days Mrs.Daddio and I hardly have ten minutes to talk to each other. On the otherhand that hasn’t weakened our bond at all. You know what is said about absence, it only makes the heart grow fonder. Besides if we talk ourselves out now what are we going to do in thirty years from now, become mimes? or read each others minds?

Of course these things (families and babies) also cost more doe, ray, me which means more work…or more luck. Mrs. Daddio does most of the doe, ray, me making in our house and I certainly want her to enjoy her life as much as possible. That means of course help in the doe, ray, me making department. All of that means less family time. I think I’ll buy a lotto ticket tonight.

Jr does just about anything to avoid bedtime. He can yak himself awake for hours. Then when he finally gets to sleep he often wakes in the middle of the night in need of comfort or juice or…on the rare nights when he does sleep the dog wakes me to be let out, repeatedly. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in months.

Jr loves chocolate.

Sometimes he’ll hold your finger as if he’s holding your hand and pull you along. Other times he runs and gives you a great big hug and pats your back. The skin behind his ears is the softest, most fair place on planet Earth. He is full of love and joy.

The other day a friend came over for a visit with her baby. I forgot that they needed constant attention, carrying around and such. I forgot about all of the bottles lining the kitchen counter and the midnight, 2 am, 3 am and 5 am feedings. I have forgotten that and more.

Whatever happens in our discussion I’m pretty sure a pink slip wasn’t part of the picture. I’m also pretty certain that the values that are really important like love, peace and family will always remain most important. I am also certain that for us the good olde days will always be in the now.

Peace and love all.




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