Potty time

I knew that I wasn’t as low on underwear as much as my drawer stocks showed. Looking for a missing piece of paper under the bed I found a small pile just sitting there in the corner. I know how it got there. He’s less than three feet tall, is very cute and says Da-DD-y just like that with the stress on those middle D’s.

On particularly rough nights when that same tiny tot can’t sleep and is quite exasperated he comes and lies in the big bed with Mrs. Daddio and I. That almost always gets him to sleep but it usually leaves me with a sore lower back. He sleeps at right angle to the length of the bed right across it squeezing me out of my domain thus leaving me contorted or on the floor.

I’ve been writing Christmas cards and stuffing them in their mailing envelopes with a family picture this morning. I was licking the envelopes and wondered why they weren’t sticky so I was taping them to seal them. Then I realized that they had peel and stick strips. Smart idea!

I am a member of the United States Track and Field Association both as an athlete and as a coach. The other day waiting in my inbox for me were the qualifying standards for the 2012 Olympics. That was a joke, right?

Back to the little boy; he has started to follow me into the washroom to “watch” me go potty. At first I had some privacy issues with this but that quickly subsided; after all he’s two and he’s my little boy. He kind of just comes in sits on his stool and chills. If I go in and close the door he comes and knocks to get let in. Sometimes we read a book and other times we talk. I explain to him in my best two year old what is going on and he mellows out. I actually think it’s the calmest he is all day. Afterwards he likes to flush the toilet. When we’re done we both go our separate ways until next time. The whole thing is very surreal.

I was putting some family Christmas pictures on display earlier. Next thing I know Jr is running around with one of them. He was very excited. It seems that he was ecstatic to have a picture that had his pet camel Humphrey in it. He calls him Humpty and it is adorable as are they.

I was about to conclude things there but then he came running up with another picture. It was one of his mommy, him and me. He was even more excited as he pointed each one of us out. That was even more adorable.

Peace and Love all.


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