Crash landing on a strange planet


Jr sleeps after crash landing on planet adult Earth

Jr sleeps after crash landing on planet adult Earth

Last year was a year packed with travel. This year was supposed to be different but now that January has started we are travelling even more than we did last year. We have hardly been able to catch up with lost time and as the New Year progresses we seem busier than ever. The holidays have been a blur. If only we had one more catch up day each week maybe everything wouldn’t be so rushed.

In September Jr started attending a Montessori type preschool two mornings a week. At first I was skeptical but he has responded so well that this year he has started attending three mornings per week. When he started school he was barely two years old. Now he is approaching two and a half years old and the changes both cognitively and physically in those months between September and the middle of January have been astonishing. That time encompasses important dates such as Labor Day, the first day of autumn, Thanksgiving in Canada, Halloween, the end of daylight savings time, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving in the United States, the first day of winter, Christmas, New Years and Martin Luther King Jr Day. For me that period also included two weekends away for work. For the family it included multiple visits by family including both sets of grandparents from points a far and our nephews (Jr’s buddies) from Western Canada. There was also a five plane visit by us to the middle of the continent to visit with the maternal family for Christmas. Take a big breath as there are a few more things to get through; I completed a certified personal training course and passed the exam, ran a marathon and we renovated our kitchen. You can breathe out now.

If that sounds like a busy 4 ½ months, I’m telling you it also feels like it is too. That’s also our normal. If we didn’t have pictures I wouldn’t believe it all myself, especially how much Jr has changed in that time. With all of that “excitement” being thrown on top of already busy schedules it is no wonder that people get stressed out sometimes.

If healthy adults get stressed I can imagine what it does to a growing, learning and always adapting two to two and a half year old little boy. Looking at the pictures of Jr from the first day of school to Thanksgiving to Christmas will astound you. On the first day of school his school shirt looks big, he swims in his pants and he looks a little lost and even a little cautious if not fearful of the world around him. At Thanksgiving the look in his eyes says I’m aware but I just don’t quite get things yet but look at me see how big I’m getting. Today three weeks after Christmas he is pushing out of his school shirt, some of his pants are tight; for the most part he is in control of his functional body motions, his vocabulary is coming on line and becoming more coherent every day, his imagination has grown to where he plays pretend games with his toys and he is developing a mischievous sense of humor. Sure there are trying times when he proves his inherited stubbornness or like last night where he fights and prolongs bedtime as late as possible then wakes a couple of hours later scared and looking for some comfort then is feverish and restless the rest of the night keeping the whole house up.

 There are also moments like today when he helps clean up his spilled hot chocolate then falls asleep in his chair peacefully with little boy snores.  When I think about it if I crash landed on a strange plane and had to learn everything from scratch while outgrowing my clothes every six months on top of constantly fighting a new virus and cough that I pick up regularly at my learning center than I would probably be restless and have problems sleeping too! I hope that if that ever happens to me I’ll handle things as bravely as our little Jr does.

Peace and love all.


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