Direct from Jr’s Brain

I think that it is about time we get back to doing some writing…and publishing. Writing isn’t always the issue. Finishing what I start and starting pieces that get finished so that they can be published is much different than getting bogged down writing a year in review that is now many thousands of words long and many months overdue! Sometimes it is best to just start fresh, bringing it back to square and doing what you do and like best. For me, writing wise at least, that is biographing Junior’s life with plenty of cute, fun and even funny stories from our life that is!

The best way to start off a Dad’s Point of View New Year is some fun verbiage DIRECT from Jr’s Brain.

The other day I’m sitting around minding my own business when Junior whose mother has recently been referring to as, “Sir Talksalot” approaches me out of the blue and unprompted says, “My brain has a factory and it has big machines and little machines. The big machines make pooh and the little ones pee. And I have a big whole and a little one. From the big one comes pooh and the little one pee. And I also have a boy brain, a man brain and a person brain.”

Then he goes off again to play, like nothing happened, yakking away to himself the entire time, leaving me to digest what he just said.

Such things happen all day every day. Such is my life. Life is good.

There are more machinations going on in Jr’s World too. To point; this past weekend he and I went pond skating and we followed that up with some sledding. On one trip down the hill together our sled tipped and we banged legs. Of course there was no harm done but he took the opportunity to blame me for “breaking” his leg! He then progressed to explain to me that the wheels (gears I guess!!) in his legs had stopped and that the paper in his leg had ripped. After more explanation from Junior about the finer points of his anatomy I asked him, “If he would like to go down the hill again?”

“Yap,” he replied!

Here is another story straight from Jr’s brain. Are you starting to see a theme develop here? It seems to me that Jr believes he and his brain are separate entities. In fact when trouble strikes Jr often blames his brain for any impropriations that occur. Like this; the other day Jr approaches me after what was a day of many father-son lectures. He says (I am paraphrasing), “Dad. My brain is broken…and the reason my brain is broken…I mean the reason why I had troubles…I mean…the reason I had many troubles the last two days is that my brain is broken…now it is being repaired…my brain was broken and now it is being repaired (pause, deep breath). My brain will be repaired tomorrow and I will be good and behave. When my brain is repaired I can behave and be good a lot better. The reason my brain was broke is because it had bad water in it. Now I need to hydrate! and get the good water in and the bad water out. When I hydrate my brain will be repaired. AND that is what is happening!!!!!”

Also happening last weekend was a birthday party for one of Jr’s friends. It was a princess themed birthday party and the host had a real live princess (pretend of course but not to the kids) attend. She told stories, sang songs, played games and made balloon animals (you know Princess stuff!!?!).  All the kids both boys and girls were enthralled by the princess. The parents marveled at how calm they could all be when they perceived that something good was happening just for them. Sir Talksalot certainly let his “feelings” for the young lady be known with wide eyes and non-stop chatter. The princess was themed from a popular kid’s movie one most everyone had seen. Jr had not seen her movie in a while and told her so but unprompted promised to watch it again so that he (paraphrasing again), “could see her again/spend more time with her in the future.” (Something along those lines at least.)

Later, after we had arrived home we were watching the previews to a video I had put in to distract Jr with while I attended to the household chores. Low and behold a preview came on for the Princesses’ movie! Jr was shocked by his good fortune. He turns and says to me, “Dad, dad, Dad, DAD, Daddy! Guess what????? The Princess from that party! Do you remember the Princess from that party? She sent me her movie on the TV so that I can see her. Now I can see her in her movie…and I can go see her in her home!!!”

A little later this exchange took place.


“Yes pal.”

“Dad. Is my birthday tomorrow?”

“No son. Your birthday is in month X.”

“Oh. When it is my birthday can I have a princess party like that girl had? With that princess?”

“Yes son. When it is your birthday in month X you can have whatever party you like.”



When you ask Jr how old he is he replies 4…and a half! That half is very important. I think this is how it works for 4 and a half year olds. Half of their time stream occurs in our reality and the other half is lived in an alternative reality called Imagination Land. There is more! These two realities are not mutually exclusive in a 4 and a half year olds’ eyes. They coexist! In this weird and wild way the 4 and half year old truly does live a fairy tale existence. An existence where incredibly anything can and does come true. A miracle to us is mere reality in the eyes of a child.

Peace and love all.


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