Things three year olds say

Everyone has slow start days. Today is mine. I wonder if your body realizes subconsciously that it is allowed to relax at just the right times. Isn’t it strange that you sleep in, have a slow day, are tired, even that your body holds off on getting sick until just the time when you have…time for it? Maybe my body knew today was a Sunday where little was going, then said, “Okay today is your day to heal up.”

I often lament the pace of our lives. I was worrying about my slow start today before I decided that it was okay. There will be time to do everything I want to do today and maybe I SHOULD slow it down a bit. Like many others out there our house has been rocked by winter colds the last couple of weeks. For us bouts of bronchitis has been the culprit. I know that I’ve been running on low for a few months now so it is not surprising with my reserves at their lowest  that finally I came down with something. The body needs time to heal and relax and restore after an infection. The original and at the time radical idea of a Sabbath, a workers day of rest, was meant to let the body do  just that, rest and heal. Besides if you find that you slow things down just a little bit you become even more productive than when you’re being torn in a million directions. Today I’ve decided to try just that.

A few minutes ago I had the urge to go downstairs. Uh, uh I’m not falling for that one again. You know that joke that the Universe plays on you when it draws you to the basement only to leave you clueless as to why you are there? I’ve fallen for it  a million times. When Junior came to me a few minutes later needing a change of clothes because he had spilled his milk all over himself I realized why I needed to go downstairs…the laundry!!! Same joke only different outcome. Got me again!

When I ask Jr to be careful I inevitably receive this response, “Why?”

“Don’t eat the poop.” That is what Jr tells me. “Yucky, gross, blah with his tongue hanging out of his mouth,” he says. “Don’t eat poop!!!”

I don’t know where this comes from but it is something he feels very necessary to tell me almost every trip to the potty.

It is a very important concept.

I’m glad he understands it.

I just don’t know why he feels the need to tell me every time we’re in the potty.


Peace and love all.





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