The Olympics…of Marriage


One enchanting moment in time or when we were young(er)!!!

One enchanting moment in time or when we were young(er)!!!

My bride and I have been married five years today!!!!

I mean this is in the nicest and best way possible even though I know that it will be misinterpreted. It seems like forever. I can already hear the catcalls and the boos but hold on give me a second to explain.

What I mean is that I cannot remember not being married. Marriage is such a state of bliss for me it is all I know.  And that is my honest state of being. I consider myself the luckiest man alive and I owe it all to my bride.

She isn’t just in my heart and soul. She is my heart and soul.

Each year for our anniversary we get each other a gift corresponding to the numbered year of that year’s anniversary. For instance for our first anniversary the gifts had something to do with the number one, for the second they had to be related to the number two and so on. This year the number is obviously five. When I think of marriage and the number five the first things that come to my mind are rings (as in our wedding bands) and then the Olympic rings all five of them blue, yellow, black, green and red. Now my gift isn’t about rings or about colors in fact it isn’t even here yet because after all…I’m a guy and these things are always hard for us but what I realized is that marriage is like the Olympics. Okay I think I just got myself in trouble again.

I don’t mean marriage is a competition like the Olympics what I mean is that marriage is the pinnacle of hard work, discipline, compromise and sacrifice. It is success in its highest and purest form.

That’s what I wanted to say the first time.

At first I thought it was as simple as learning one new thing each year. You know like in year one you learn to communicate blah, blah, blah…Of course in year one I was clueless so that is an easy assumption for me to make. So, I sat and thought about this because I had to. I still don’t have a gift. Here is what my thinking got me.

You don’t learn one thing every year. You learn a lot of things every day and you work your damn ass off to make things as perfect as possible. Here are the five rings of marriage.

  1.        Understanding; empathy and compassion
  2.        Mutuality; sharing
  3.        Togetherness; what you’re in this for
  4.        Laughter; the best medicine
  5.        Communication; and I don’t mean your cellular plan!

Life is better when you have someone to share it with. Life grows when you have togetherness. Thank you Honey Bear for helping me become whole.

Happy fifth Anniversary

I Love you.


Now about that gift…it’s going to be a little late. You see I went out for milk and bread…

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